Take Care of Your Eyes in Hay Fever Season

Take Care of Your Eyes in Hay Fever Season

Local Optician Urges People to Take Care of Their Eyes as Hay Fever Season Kicks In

As the sunshine finally makes an appearance pollen experts are saying that the conditions are perfect for the first wave of early flowering trees to release their pollen, sadly spelling misery for hay fever sufferers.

With 16 million people in the UK suffering from hay fever, there are some who may not be looking forward to the season change quite as much as others. However Leyland Opticians, a local independent opticians, is stressing that there is no need to suffer with irritable eyes through spring.

During Allergy Awareness Week (28th April – 4th May) independent optician, Leyland Opticians, will be on hand to provide advice on how best to cope with allergies.

Diane Wildman, a spokesperson for Leyland Opticians said: “Spring can be a difficult time for individuals affected by seasonal eye allergies. Symptoms such as itchy, tearing and redness of eyes have been shown to be troublesome enough to interfere with quality of life, affecting leisure-time and sports activities, school performance and even productivity on-the-job. Also, people can have more sinus related headaches, which again are seasonally related.’

“Independent opticians often based in local communities rather than the High Street are an ideal resource to go to for advice. They are there to better understand individual lifestyles and make recommendations for family eye health.”

Many hay fever suffers complain of being unable to wear contact lenses, yet this need not be the case if appropriate measures are taken to reduce symptoms.

Marcella McParland, Director, Professional Affairs UK and Ireland at Johnson & Johnson said: “Daily disposable lenses like 1-DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® Brand Contact Lenses are a healthy and more comfortable option for any lens wearer and can be ideal for some people with eye allergies. Putting a clean, fresh lens into the eye each day minimizes the potential for the build-up of irritants that occur with repeated use of the same pair of lenses.”

Another difficulty for contact lens wearers is using over the counter (OTC) eye drops. Often these state they shouldn’t be used with contact lenses and they need to be taken three or four times a day.  A much better option is Opatanol for use twice a day. In addition, it treats both your symptoms and their cause. Ask your Eye Care Practitioner about a prescription.

For more information on eye care for contact lens wearers by Johnson & Johnson download our free report by clicking here: Allergy Leaflet

For more information on Leyland Opticians contact: 01772 421697

National Opticians Awards 2014 – Runners Up

National Opticians Awards 2014 – Runners Up

Had a lovely night with staff at the  recent Opticians Awards held at the splendid London Hilton Park Lane.  A big thanks to everyone who popped in to wish us well before the event – your support was much appreciated.

This was not to be our time but we are still delighted to have been considered for the Technology Practice category.

As well as the prizegiving, delightful food (best steak I can remember!) and entertainment by impressionist Jon Culshaw, there was also a more serious side with fantastic fundraising for ‘The Blind Veterans’ – a trully worthy cause.

Despite all that, highlight of the night for Diane wasn’t ‘the Big Prize’ but meeting Frank Lampard, who she ‘just happened’ to bump into in the hotel foyer. United fan?

Congratulations to all the award winners.



World Glaucoma Week on Radio Lancs

World Glaucoma Week on Radio Lancs

Colin was recently asked onto BBC Radio Lancs to talk about ‘World Glaucoma Week’ and why it’s important for the over forties to get their eyes tested.

Glaucoma is a group of conditions affecting nearly half a million people in the UK. It is called ‘the silent thief of sight’ because you are, invariably, unaware of it in the early stages.