Not all opticians are the same! Which? survey reveals

Not all opticians are the same! Which? survey reveals

A new Which? report has Independent opticians topping a survey with a customer satisfaction score of 88%. 

The survey is based on the views of over 5,409 Which? members in March 2014 and revealed big differences between major high street brands and supermarkets. Specsavers came near the middle of the table with a customer score of 72%. But Tesco Opticians, Scrivens and Optical Express got our worst customer scores, with the lowest at 59%.

Top-scoring opticians are all about convenient appointments, punctuality, great products and value for money. And if budget is your main concern, we had two stores getting five-star ratings for price.

But value can mean more to customers than price and special offers. One optician store was rated only average for price, but good value for money overall as customers praised it for staff skill, communication and customer service.

And only one was rated as excellent for customer service, staff skill and communication. Its staff were more likely to fix a problem with glasses at no extra cost (54% of those who complained, compared to 47% of stores overall).

Worst optician stores: Optical Express, Scrivens and Tesco were the worst rated opticians, with the former two rated poorly on value for money and price.

One Scrivens customer said: ‘I was “sold” far too much, persuaded to buy glasses when I was looking for contact lenses and only then given vouchers which would’ve discounted my glasses.’

And Tesco Opticians lagged behind all others in the survey for its customer service.

Editor of Which?, Richard Headland, said: ‘Not all optician stores are the same and we found big differences between them. The best one for you will depend on what you are looking for – whether it is value for money or the quality of the overall experience.’

As an Independent optician serving Leyland, and surrounds, for the past 75 years, exceeding customer expectations is our priority. While attempting to achieve the elusive perfect result – 100% satisfaction – we do recognise that things do sometimes go wrong. A  lens can break or fail final inspection, resulting in a job being delayed. A new lens design might not work as well as You (the client) expected or we hoped. But this is what makes life so interesting and it is how we deal with problems that will set us apart.

Ultimately, we hope that each and every client can say that they felt they were treated fairly and honestly. Some people don’t like to complain because they don’t get listened too, or it is just their nature not to make a fuss. However, for us, that old adage: ‘if you’re happy with our service tell all your friends. If not, please tell us.’ is more relevant today than ever.

New report aims to reduce falls in the elderly

New report aims to reduce falls in the elderly

One in three people over 65 will have a fall every year and, that falls in the over 75s, is the biggest cause of accidental death in this age group.

Failing vision will have a direct impact on falls.

A report published this week by the College of Optometrist shows there are different frequency and methods in how NHS falls teams check vision.


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