How do opticians test children’s eyes?

How do opticians test children’s eyes?

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A commonly asked question is ‘How can you test a child’s eyes?’

Parents often think young children can’t have their eyes tested as some chain opticians often say ‘not till at school’.

But this isn’t true. Children can be checked from a few months old. In fact, they are checked just after birth to ensure there are no obvious problems.

Depending on the age of the child, we can use the natural reflexes of the eyes to help check for normality. We will also use shapes instead of letters, as well as toys to attract attention. All the room lights may be switched off and a special torch shone in the eyes to check their focus and health.

I describe seeing children as ‘short attention span theatre’: children need to be engaged and entertained so their eye test should be fun and will not be like an adults. Your child should leave wanting to come back again.

We take our children regularly to the dentist from a young age. You can do exactly the same for their eyes. You just need to find a children friendly optician in your area.