Ortho K

Ortho-K Lenses

Ortho K or Orthokeratology is Orthodontics for the eyes!

The safe alternative to Laser!

Leyland-OrthoK-Box-GraphicWear ortho k lenses overnight and then wear nothing through the day. Ideal for all sports, extreme work environments, where dust or dry eyes prevent normal contact lens wear, or for those that just don’t like wearing glasses.

Controlled studies provide evidence that these lenses do stop or slow the progression of short-sightedness in growing children. This supports anecdotal evidence that has been around for many years, offering exciting possibilities for the control of a huge worldwide vision problem. Having been proven to be effective for adults and children, these lenses can be fitted to children as young as eight, with parental support, giving excellent results.

What do wearers think of the results?

I thought about laser but my dry eyes meant I was not suitable. As a last resort, I tried Ortho K lenses which give me clear vision every day. Yes they did feel a bit odd to start with but that passed and I did need some lens changes as I adjusted to them. I hated wearing my glasses but now it is fantastic not having to wear them. I love having my Ortho-K lenses. I wouldn’t like to be without them. Victoria, 2007

Brilliant. They are the best! Victoria, 2012


Absolutely excellent. Very pleased – it’s a privilege not to wear glasses. Denise, 2011


I love my eyes. Every now and then, I look around and think ‘I can see and nothing is annoying me’. Sarah, 2011

I wore soft contact lenses every day. I considered laser surgery as I wanted to join the police. Instead, my optician suggested Ortho k. My contacts were – 4.00 which he said would be alright. I was amazed at how good my vision was after sleeping in them for the first time. I didn’t need any top up lens even on the first day. My vision is good all day long even into the early hours of the morning. I have even missed a night of lenses and my vision has still been good the next day. I bore my friends senseless about how amazing it is seeing without lenses or glasses but they don’t understand! Marie 2008

Adrian had worn Ortho-k before but found his night vision reduced and needed reading glasses. His eye care practitioner said he couldn’t do any better. He gave up and went back to glasses and contact lenses for a while but his dusty job made things difficult. He had a higher prescription with large astigmatism plus dry eyes but wanted to try again. We fitted him with an advanced toric design and on day 1, was seeing well. On day 7, his comments were ‘Absolutely fantastic. Brilliant!’. He could read well and still see clearly in the distance and his night vision was good. (3rd November, 2012)

What is it?

Since first introducted over 30 years ago Ortho k, or Overnight Vision Correction, has been updated and improved by advances in material science, manufacturing processes and computerised analysis of the eye.

This has resulted in the custom manufacture of contact lenses that can safely and predictably alter the prescription of low to medium myopes (shortsightedness) allowing freedom from glasses or contact lenses.

Ortho k – Orthodontics for the eyes!