Top Brands, Top Quality Lenses

Our lenses only come from leading manufacturers that have pioneered and introduced the leading optical products that we take for granted today.


These are 100% UV absorbing which eliminates a known contributor to cataract and macular degeneration in older age.

They adjust to light – darkening when outdoors and clearing when indoors or in the dark.

TRANSITIONS™ are the premier photochromic lens and are now in their 7th generation of development plus they have recently become available in an EXTRActive darker version. Ask about ‘Love them or Leave them’ if you are unsure you will like them.

Transitions Brown Transitions Grey Transitions Green Transitions XTRActive

You can have TRANSITIONS™ in single vision, bifocal or VARILUX™ lenses and in high index designs for lighter, thinner lenses. Available in most prescriptions.

Transitions6 Transitions6XTRActive



VARILUX™ was the first varifocal lens and are still the most innovative maker of this type of lens.

We trust GENUINE VARILUX™ lenses to provide you with the correct solution whatever you visual requirements whether for general use, occupation requirements or sport. They are available for shallow or deep frames, in rimless or full frames, TRANSITIONS™ or polaroid, and in a variety of index to give you the thin, light and comfortable frames you deserve.

BIFOCAL/TRIFOCAL – unlike varifocals, these lenses have a division in the lens that you can see. But they are worn happily by millions of users. While varifocals have made huge developmental strides in the last twenty years, bifocals are still the preferred choice for many. Unlike varifocals, they don’t have a middle vision zone which is fine if you don’t use a computer much. Bifocals lenses are available in most material and tint options. Trifocals do provide a far, middle and near viewing zone and give good all vision at all distances. Often people are surprised to hear of trifocals but wearers like them and adjust to them easily. I still think of them as an essential part of the lens armoury even though you’d not find them in most ‘popular opticians’.