Although recently named, it is clear that this problem has been around a long time. Computerised analysis provides rapid assessment of colour benefit and provides optimum overlay and spectacles. The improvement this brings can be seen during the assessment. This can also be of specific help for Migraine sufferers who find reading for any length of time difficult. Migraine sufferers can also be aided with Botox injections.

While there are different theories as to what is happening, the end result is the reader has a muddled or jumbled message making reading difficult and the associated pattern glare can also be responsible for migraine.

What we do know is that Intuitive Coloured Overlays, designed by Professor Arnold Wilkins (a phychologist with an interest in visual function), assess the benefit of colour on the visual process and whether it will help the reader.

A preferred colour can be dispensed as an overlay or in spectacles. We can help you adapt your computer for dyslexic use at the click of a button.

Often there may be other compounding factors like astigmatism, long or short sight, or muscle imbalance between the eyes. Where this is present, spectacles are used in conjunction with the colour help, the aim being to reduce the visual stress to a minimum.

The NHS will pay for a standard eye examination and basic spectacles for the child, where eligible. Supplemental costs such as Overlay testing and Overlay provision or specialist tinting is paid for privately.

Botox treatment for Migraine is not available on the health service. Treatment is offered after consultation with a specialist Ophthalmologist.