See what our customers think.

I chose Leyland Opticians after admiring there glasses of a business colleague. The staff were friendly and knowledgeable with a warm atmosphere (unlike previous dealings with a large chain). The glasses are comfortable and stay on my head. D Hodgkinson

A small, local and, most importantly, ‘personal’ optician. I enjoyed the experience, appreciated the opticians’s honesty and didn’t feel rushed. What do I like about my glasses? They fit me, are comfortable to wear and are a lovely modern style. V Roberts

Been going to this optician for years and always enjoy the experience – relaxed and friendly but totally professional and understanding of my needs.
L Howells

Recommended by a friend many years ago and never regretted making the change. J Ireland

What do I like about Leyland Opticians? The attentive service, comfortable to wear glasses, the range and attention to detail. J Cuerdon

I feel valued at Leyland Opticians. Their glasses fit well and the staff are friendly and helpful. M Ellis

I was recommended to Leyland Opticians. I like the style and the positive comments on my latest glasses. A great team – would not hesitate to recommend. C Finch

Very happy. Staff spent time to ensure glasses are a good fit. A Waidson

We get continuity from people who understand our requirements and care about giving us the right product and the right after-care.
Always get good compliments and friends want to know where we got our glasses from.
A Bury

I changed from bifocals to Nikon varifocals with no bother. With the bifocals, I was noticing a problem with stairs. Varifocals are much better with no line in the way. P Powell, Oct 2015.