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My glasses were such a nuisance. I could wear contacts when going out but could never wear them at work on the computer. People look at me strangely when I say I wear lenses at night and take them out during the day. I must have had them over seven years now so I know I’m not imagining it. They’ve been brilliant. Lisa, Preston. Oct 2014

I’ve been wearing varifocal for many years. The ones I’m wearing now are by far the best I’ve had. Very easy to get used to the new prescription.  Margret, Sept 14

I like to come here…. All the family come. Everyone is helpful and friendly. It’s local. Parking is easy. I’ve been to the bigger opticians but much prefer it here.   George, Sept 14

I would recommend Leyland Opticians to my friends. They provided a quick and efficient service and I was very happy with the price. Micheal, July 14.

For a friendly and first-class service Colin Tonner and his colleagues are hard to beat. I had a problem with varifocals which had been made up incorrectly by another nationally-recognised optician and Colin’s team resolved the problem very quickly. The staff at Leyland Opticians are knowledgeable, thorough and totally professional. I would recommend them to anyone.
Alan Barnes, journalist. July 2014.

Been to a big optician previously but decided to have a change. There are eye problems in the family and, as I’ve had eye operations, I do worry about my eyes.

The optician spent time explaining everything. This was the first time that I had experienced that. I felt the test was very thorough and left understanding everything. I will come back here again.  Eileen, June 2014.




When I tried varifocal about eighteen months ago, they made me feel a bit sick. My optician told me ‘just to keep wearing them. It would get better.’ It never did.

Having come to get new driving and reading lenses, it was again suggested that I should try varifocal. As you can imagine, I wasn’t keen. However, having listened to Leyland’s reasoning for doing so, I gave them a try. To my surprise, I didn’t feel sick when I tried them. Things didn’t sway when I moved my head or walked around. So far they are proving much better than my last ones, and better than looking for the right pair of glasses.   Jean,  April, 2014.

It was such a refreshing experience to visit your practice on Thursday. Thank you for your time, effort and patience. Helen B, April 2008


Had a lovely experience. Thank you. Sheila M, July 2009

I have always been quite scared of having my eyes tested but was completely put at ease today. Mavis H, July 2010